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What is Virtualization?

Virtualization technology provides opportunities to host multiple instances of servers, operating systems and applications on a single physical host machine.

Benefits of Virtualization

Virtualization can provide many benefits in terms of resources, maintenance and security. These benefits include:

  • Reduced requirements for total hardware, space, power and maintenance.
  • Reduced dependency on specific hardware/software vendors and drivers.
  • Licensing costs can be drastically reduced.
  • Ability to extend life of old versions of operating systems and applications.
  • Centralized management providing monitoring and reporting for all servers.
  • Opportunity for increased utilization of existing server capacity.
  • Servers can be created or archived very quickly.
  • Virtual servers can be up and running again very quickly following a problem.
  • Simply create new servers for testing or software development.
  • Isolation of applications for increased security.






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