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This article starts with using a computer that has Windows running on Windows for a long time and people are prepared to make the leap to Pisi Linux. Write composing the body of tools and features available in Windows on Linux provisions former topic before, then you'll frequently hear will focus on the concepts of Linux and free software will be rolled out to the desktop after.

What is Linux?

Today we met many users and computers using Windows computer Windows came to mind at the mention. But Linux since 1991 by an international army of volunteers, continue to be developed and also huge commercial success in the server market realizes.

Linux kernel, which support many hardware, the actual communication with the computer, allowing the operating system is the core part. However, this core as a stand-alone operating system is unthinkable. Linux on the desktop that makes it available, the core is centered around the free software community. This is the Linux kernel and other free software users by bringing together an operating system that can be easily installed and used, making kitty Linux as well as various Linux distributions. Nowadays, a large number of Linux distributions for different needs are. All of these systems, which use the Linux kernel Linux, are called for.

The main visible face for users of Linux distributions, the distribution used by the desktop environment is. Graphical desktop environment interface which allows the use of computers, a window manager and desktop application that hosts a variety of software packages is the name given. Written for Linux, the most widely used desktop environments KDE and Gnome.

What is Pisi Linux

Pisi Linux, is a Linux-based operating system development project. Pisi in the Linux system;

  • The Linux kernel
  • KDE , Gnome , XFCE and Mate desktop environments such as
  • Pisi Linux projects

Some other widely used free software ( LibreOffice , Mozilla Firefox , Gimp , etc.) are located. Pisi Linux, KDE desktop environment are used. KDE, the inherent diversity of applications and Pisi Linux system integrity in terms of features and functionality than any other desktop environment offers the user environment. bacilli other desktop environments Pisi project is ported to Linux. Pisi separates it from other Linux distributions Linux basic components of the original Pisi Linux projects. They were developed by a team of Linux developers, and Pisi package management, system management for a variety of applications and technologies.

What is free Software?

Free Software (Free Software) concept, the users of the software to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve is a concept about freedom. Free software often has to be free, even though they are not so free Free Software, Free Software is not to say. Pisi Linux project and almost all the software that came with it (the Linux kernel, KDE desktop environment included) is a free software. The most common are three free licenses: GNU General Public License (GPL), BSD License , Artistic License Some of the common features of these licenses have are: You can install the software on any number of machines. Remove the desired number of copies of the Software, and you can give to any one you want (while proprietary software is usually free, even if they do not allow copying). A free software how it works as you want to examine, if you like writing purpose other than for your needs can adapt. (Naturally, for this source codes to be accessed is needed. All free software, the source code is open). A free software, you can distribute as you wish, you can share it with others and you can even buy the software. Along with this freedom comes the first indication of the origin of the product is required. Free Software (Free Software) is often Open Source Software (Open Source Software) is mixed with. All free software is open source, open source software is free software, but all can be.

Pisi Linux Desktop

In this section you will use Linux for the first time Kitty Based on the habits of a Windows user does not contain a short and technical information to make an informed and proper guidance is intended.

Desktop: Plasma workspace File: 240px-Plasma-01.pngMagnify clip.png plasma personalized workspace screenshot Plasma workspace has fundamentally changed the concept of the classic desktop. Plasma workspace on the desktop, all of the items in the plasma is improved with technology "applets" is. Desktop wallpaper, application start menu, panels and panels with tools like the task bar is also included. Plasma For more information on how to use the features and desktop settings refer to section. Taskbar: Panel Windows in Taskbar ' money in the kitty Linux Panel is. Panel, Plasma is a part of the workspace. Each element in the panel, a removable panel is added to the programmer. Right at the beginning of the panel applets can add or remove panels by using the buttons on the panel you can set all kinds. For extensive information on the subject of desktop settings, refer to item.

Start menu: Application Launch menu In the Windows Start menu on Linux kitty money is a plasma widget and generally kitty Linux menu is referred to as. Kitty with Linux comes in three different startup script. Of these, Application Launch Menu or Application Launcher Captain selecting the default set. For further information, desktop settings refer to section.

The file manager Dolphin In the file system, for navigation in folders by default in KDE 's Dolphin file manager is being used. Pisi in 2008 and earlier versions of Linux that is used as the default file manager Konqueror can be used as a second option.

My Computer

Pisi Linux desktop to Windows users in the management of the foreign appears at first glance, but a few tips and tricks that understands intuitive for the user-oriented is very simple to use. Windows on the desktop, My Computer icon on Pisi Linux functionally equivalent, although not a complete file manager Dolphin meets this function. Pisi Linux on your computer by double-clicking any folder you can open the Dolphin file manager. Dolphin interface located on the left side panel via location to your computer hard disk partition, USB flash drives, CD / DVD media, etc. are easily accessible and can remove it from the system. Also in the system tray applet via the Device Notifier, you can access to removable storage devices the easy way.

Please note that CD / DVD drive is not connected to any disk in the Dolphin CD / DVD can not see any option related. Also in the Dolphin file manager, storage devices, such as in Windows C: or D: as you will see by the letters are not called.

File directory hierarchy On Windows systems, each data storage device has its own root directory (C, D, directories, etc.), UNIX and Linux systems if there is a single root directory. Windows users can not understand the first time this situation most difficult issue. Therefore, new users, documents, and other disk partitions may not know where to look. Pisi Linux-based operating systems such as Linux only has a single root directory. All files and directories of all files and directories "/" sign is shown by the ramification starting from the root directory. Hard drive partitions, USB drives, CD / DVD to various storage media like Dolphin file manager as described above for the Location bar can be easily accessed via the directory hierarchy in the / media or / mnt directory can also be accessed via.

Located under the root directory "home" directory in the system for each user in a directory that contains the user name. For example, / home / bob under the "alien" has the files belonging to the user. In the Linux world to these directories that the user's "home directory" is called. The user with the password you've logged into the system from its practice in this directory perform each operation. Scores of games played, Internet history, chat records, personal files and even background pictures, themes, settings, and so dedicated to each user separately stored in this area. So that no other user can not change the elections and other users can not access private files. This type in your user's home directory setting files to a hidden file that you can not see at first glance. To learn how to make hidden files visible, please read the following topics. Linux If you want to get more detailed information about the directory hierarchy HOW: Files and directories can look into matter.

Hidden files Puss in Windows as we see with normal settings in the Linux hidden files are. To view hidden files in Pisi Linux kitty Dolphin file manager Show Hidden Files path will be followed. If a directory and below for all directories hidden files visible if you wish to or on the computer all directories hidden files visible want to bring it necessary adjustments to the "View> Display Properties Settings" by following the path can perform. Also Pisi names of hidden files in Linux, unlike Windows, there is the beginning point.

Program installation

Package Manager The package manager can install the software, remove, and update. Pisi Linux, unique programs designed to work with different architectures. These programs are the primary source for the Linux Internet store is located in the Pisi. It is highly compatible with the system to users, ability to work in partnership with other programs at the highest level, which offers new possibilities. In terms of the functioning of Windows users will still matter, in the form of EXE programs run directly. However, as soon as the system is set up Office programs to the users of the media players, photo album tools of the Internet, CD / DVD burning tool, ranging from the PDF reader provides thousands of package. That's why Windows users "operating system installed, I am now set up my programs" before repeating patterns is useful in a walkabout on the menu ... Pisi Linux preinstalled DVD program for different needs as well as three-dimensional animation, web programming, vector, video editing software like games in every conceivable type of Pisi Linux Internet will be ready in the store. All of these programs are described in the following titles you can install via the Package Manager.

Add programs, update or remove Kitty Linux packages (software) installation, update and removal operations Package Manager is done through. Package Manager kitty Linux software repositories to install packages that you find through a search on your computer and if there be new versions of packages that do not require you to update and allows you to remove the software from your computer. Pisi Linux harmonized with the system extremely Pisi Linux repository of these programs and recommended the establishment of the working model is supported. Nevertheless, as indispensable. Exe format if you need a Windows program Wine app may be a solution. Wine,. Exe format that belongs emulate the architecture of the Windows platform is an application layer. Simple program, especially for getting limited results, to be executed for a specific output requirements to run programs may offer the possibility. However, Wine, run each program works correctly and does not guarantee that the expected performance. At this point, an important point to be reminded: Linux offers an alternative in cases where specific, Wine belongs to the Windows environment to run programs not an efficient way to work. By way of example, to connect to MSN account, Kopete , Emesene , Pidgin while programs such as Windows Live Messenger program should be preferred to run with Wine. Each program on a specific platform for delivering better results and advantages come with custom settings. Establishment of software packages available in store and for further information Pisi How to install software on Linux? can examine the page. Some frequently used in Windows programs on Linux kitty money to learn some of the programs used in the Windows equivalent of Linux kitty Refer to.

Control Panel: System Settings Used in Windows Control Panel on Linux kitty provision of System Settings is. Language and accessibility settings, user accounts, mouse / keyboard as well as hardware setting, network and Internet settings to make desktop icons, from the opening screen to view, modify the properties as you can think of all kinds setting process where options is executed.

To Work with Pisi Linux

Internet tools Surfing the internet - to browse the Internet with Linux kitty popular web browser Mozilla Firefox installation comes. Thousands of Firefox add-ons Firefox with add-ons entirely through the support can customize according to your needs and hundreds of themes to choose from, you can select and change the appearance. If you happen to be looking for an alternative repository in your browser Chromium from the Opera 'or you can find so many web browsers. E-mail to read - e-mail, download, accounts or list according to the organizing, spam filters and spam e-mails to extract and may need several postal services for the kitty with Linux preinstalled KMail can use. KMail also "Office Tools" you'll find under the Kontact personal information management software's can work as a part of. If you happen to be looking for an alternative widely used worldwide, platform independent Mozilla Thunderbird percent easily install from package repositories.

Chat / Instant Messaging MSN Messenger, ICQ , Jabber (Google Talk), AOL, Yahoo!, such popular services as well as IRC chat room to enter or GaduGadu client users to communicate with Kopete 't use. As always, you can find many alternatives in package repositories of them Emesene , Pidgin and aMSN software are some of the highlights. Also among users for free using VoIP technology, which allows calls to fixed phones and paid Skype 's can use in Pisi Linux.

Multimedia applications

Music to listen - to listen to music on Linux Kitty Clementine , Amarok can use tools such as offering advanced features like the Juke or Audacious programs may prefer the more simple and light. Watch movies - Puss in Linux without the need for any additional codec software you can think of all kinds of video files with extensions you can play seamlessly. Pisi for watching movies with Linux preinstalled SMPlayer and GNOME MPlayer can use the application as well as other operating systems are widely used in the VLC media player can choose alternatives like.

CD / DVD burning Pisi Linux CD / DVD burning, to create an audio CD, video CD to create, write image file all conceivable operations with Linux preinstalled advanced K3b can do with the program. For more information, optical discs (CD, DVD, Blu-ray) can examine the page.

Graphic applications

Picture / Photo handle - free software world, which is one of the most prominent projects Gimp , digital photos offers you all the tools to operate on. Simple image editing / painting process is for KolourPaint has the ability to be able to see all your work. Photo Album - digiKam can organize them into albums and photo library, an album released by converting it into a web page or even some simple effects for all photos in a folder or partners can make changes you want to make. Browser - menu item "Graphics applications" which you can find under the Skanlite can use with your scanner, you can transfer photos and other images to the system.

Office applications

Kitty Linux, worldwide millions of people and countless organizations used by free and free office set which LibreOffice package includes. The Document Foundation developed by LibreOffice, from individual users professional needs a wide range of solutions offers. Functionality and features, compatibility with MS Office and MS Windows environment can also be used in the show. With Microsoft Office created (. Doc,. Docx,. Xls,. Xlsx,. Ppt,. Pptx,. Pps. Ppsx) files Pisi Linux, LibreOffice can open, edit, still in the same formats can be recorded. LibreOffice applications mainly OpenDocument is called, use the free file more and more widespread uses standard. These LibreOffice Writer  : . odt - (Microsoft Word format with . doc and . docx ' s money)

LibreOffice Calc     : . ods - (Microsoft Excel format with . xls and . xlsx ' s money)
LibreOffice Impress  : . odp - (Microsoft PowerPoint format that . ppt , . pps , . pptx , . PPSX ' s money)
LibreOffice Base     : . oDB - (Microsoft Access forms that . mdb and . mdpx ' s money)

LibreOffice can open and use with Microsoft Office files, but prior versions of Microsoft Office 2007 SP2, LibreOffice uses does not support the OpenDocument format. If you prepare documents in LibreOffice prior versions of Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 If you must open it in LibreOffice for your work in Microsoft Office formats (. Doc,. Xls,. Ppt) is sufficient to save.


Hardware identification Pisi Linux hardware detection process is generally done automatically. Because thousands of varieties of hardware drivers kitty comes installed with Linux. While preparing for the Linux kernel developers kitty commonly used devices are added to the kernel driver, so your kitty many hardware when you install Linux automatically detected and is expected to be ready for use. If you are not automatically recognized various hardware (graphics card - Some Webcams - Some network cards) driver packages is probably no need for them, Flounder can be found in the Linux package repositories so you can install via the Package Manager. If you experience any problems with your hardware linuxwiki the first Hardware refer to. Located in the Hardware section, regarding the introduction of various hardware like you can benefit from user-created. If you do not get results other support channels you can use. If you are using hardware make / model if you do not know the exact Kitty came installed with Linux KDE Info Center application provided by the manufacturer of the hardware brand / model information you can learn. Hardware drivers to be installed for this is not required. Windows drivers supplied with the equipment they are written for Linux-based operating systems such as Linux kitty used. The exception to this are some of the wireless network card, these cards thanks to the information provided by the Windows driver ndiswrapper Linux software can be used with Pisi.

Network settings Pisi Linux create and manage wired and wireless network connections to the System Settings interface located in the Network Setup program and the Network Management applet in the system tray are used. If you are using a wired ADSL Internet connection automatically when you install Pisi Linux will be defined already. Further information regarding connection to the internet and visual guides, ADSL modems and 3G modems can be read.

Printers / Scanners Kitty Linux installation along with hundreds of various brands / models need to work on Linux printer driver Pisi packages are installed on the system. Linux kitty owned many printers feature automatic printer introduce, without any operations are becoming automatically detected and ready to use. Plug the printer into the computer a few seconds after pressing the power button you can try to open and print any document. If you need to make custom settings for your printer, or a printer automatically recognized information you'll need if you need to introduce Printers / Scanners can find in the article. Linux kitty kitty to scan documents or photos with Linux preinstalled Skanlite can use the program.

Graphics cards Linux installations with kitty some drivers for your video card configuration packages are automatically configured on your system established. Any problem with the video card even if you do not live 3D applications ( eg desktop effects, three-dimensional games ) to try to use all the features of your video card drivers that may need to install packages. 3D feature is not available for your graphics card to find out whether the video card settings, refer to item. If you turned off the 3D feature and if you want to be able to use the 3D feature that uses your graphics card drivers will need to change the pact. In order to use the correct video card driver needs to be done again for the video card settings page you can learn from. Other enhancements Web camera to the sound card, keyboard, bluetooth devices from the hardware documentation on the entire Hardware page out of reach.


Anti-Virus software UNIX and Linux systems architecture of malware in the system resulting from the spread between cause is almost impossible. Windows software can work with the emulator and known malware, but almost all of them written to run on Windows systems, considering that you do not need to use antivirus software on Linux kitty can say. In the first few viruses are written for Linux also from the technical aspects of Linux systems, including a variety of technical reasons, the proliferation is not possible. Therefore, to protect desktop Linux system Anti-Virus software is not needed. However, to clean the Windows virus server antivirus software on Linux systems are being used. For this purpose the commonly used software ClamAV is. ClamAV is necessary to use graphical environment clamtk package via the Package Manager can rate level. For more information, kitty Linux and viruses can refer to item.


Used in the Windows system firewall application money in the kitty kitty Linux Linux Firewall Manager is. This tool, System Settings can be accessed via the interface.

User authentication, and the root account Pisi Linux, other Linux distributions such as UNIX system uses user authentication standards, these standards thanks in large servers with high security features for desktop Linux system becomes an ordinary feature. Linux system, such as Unix inspired was developed as a multiuser system. A Linux system, used by hundreds of users simultaneously, and that none of the other users can not reach documents and settings such as unauthorized access to any system resources are not. Desktop Linux systems, although it does not target as many users and although it does not use these facilities so that access security policy in terms of security being applied.

Linux systems have all the powers of an administrator account, and this account has the user name " root "stop. Root account, the system administrator on a Windows Administrator account, which is the nature of the provision. However, the Linux root user's authorization system is different with other users Windows is larger than the difference between the powers.

Pisi asked the user during the installation of Linux administrator password is the password for the root user and should never be forgotten. It is possible to password-management operations in the system. Therefore, this password should not be shared with anyone and will certainly not be forgotten. Kitty Linux session to obtain superuser rights (root) there is no need to turn on. Already the opening of the session as root, is hosting some drawbacks because it is blocked by default. So to perform an operation that requires root privileges will not open the system as root instead temporarily obtain root privileges. For it is enough to know the root password. For more information, to obtain root rights refer to item.

For some operations, thanks to the advanced authorization system administrator privileges granted to normal users. For example, a user to open and close the network connection and the package may be authorized to establish, but to create a new connection profile and may not be authorized to add new package repository. These operations System Settings in the User Manager can do it with. User Manager "in the given administrator rights "options in a user with administrator privileges normally given.

Advanced level Topics

Task Manager: System Monitor Windows programs that are running the listing of a desired program termination for purposes such as used Task Manager kitty on Linux Provision System Monitor is. Ctrl + Esc key combination using the System Monitor System Processes section can be achieved. In addition to terminating the program without opening the system to monitor the "Ctrl + Alt + Esc" key combination can be used using the resulting dry head. Skull with any window instantly terminator of the program is clicked.

Network Neighborhood: Samba and Samba shares In Windows Network Neighborhood with access to computers in a Windows network, it is possible but Linux systems that do not support native Windows networking protocols with extra software for Samba is being used. Thanks to Samba Linux systems on the local network by Windows sisitem is perceived as if it were running Windows. Samba can use all the features of Windows networking protocols, file and printer sharing gives the opportunity. Samba settings, system settings, and as a service interface is available in any time Service Manager 'can be started and stopped from. Samba service is running and your network is configured properly to access the network to its neighbors in Konqueror smb :/ / address display is enough.

Device Manager Device Manager in Windows, Linux, there is no exact counterpart. However, with a KDE applications KDE Information Center tidy all the hardware and system resources can be used as an application that allows you to see the way. At the same time in Windows device manager is also used for installing device drivers, but the work of Linux device drivers and installation methods are different in Linux, there is such a visual interface. With regard to device drivers loaded introduce hardware can refer to.

Virtual Memory: Clearing Area Pisi feature in Windows virtual memory swap file usage on Linux is a feature of provision. This feature of Windows systems on your Linux system is a feature that had been used long before. Swap space, physical memory (ie RAM) is used in case of failure. If the physical memory that is enough for everyday use if you think your Pisi Linux swap space during installation you can choose to create. But there's a point where you need to know; Pisi Linux into hibernation (Suspend to disk) if you want to go to bed, you must use swap space. Swap space is not this feature will be disabled. After installation of the swap partition does not have a graphical interface for management.

Disk Control Disk error checking in Windows applications on Linux equivalent of fsck is a command but a graphical interface for this function is not available yet and just Ext formatted disk partition used for. Kitty ext filing format uses Linux as the default user on the boot menu "F3-Disc Recover" option by opening Pisi Linux installation can provide supervision during the opening of the chapter.

However, when used as a default by Windows NTFS formatted partitions do not support all the features automatic checking is done. Even when it detects an inconsistency in the sections of this form of data security is not allowed to access. This issue of access to NTFS partition problems must examine the title.

Disk Management: KDE Partition Manager Pisi Linux in Windows disk management tool on Linux KDE Partition Manager application. Windows partitions automatically on boot makes use of all. Pisi Linux, this is optional, if desired, the user strawberry provides access to some disk partition does not up. These options Disk Manager tool is set. For more information, linking disk partitions , refer to. Disk management also via Package Manager GParted applications may install and use.

Disk Defragmentation In Windows disk defragmentation application kitty Linux a provision does not exist, because it is not required. Pisi Linux by default ext filing format uses this section, the files used in Windows NTFS or FAT format like unlike with a range is saved fragmentation more during the recording prevented or is minimized.

Services: Service Manager Windows in the provision of services are services in the Linux system. Linux kitty's unique Service Manager tool can be controlled with the operation of the service. Also written for Service Manager services through the System Services applet from the desktop can quickly check.

Boot system

Used to start the operating system boot loader is called to a small program. These programs before running the operating system when the computer is turned as set display a menu selected by the operating system tries to open. A computer is only an operating system installation or multiple operating system establishment ( Windows and kitty Linux , etc.) situations preference, each harükar to the computer a boot software in an appropriate manner must be installed. Pisi in the Linux boot loader installation adjustments related to selection, installation in the picture shown is done in stages. To get extensive information on the subject of boot system , see page. Pisi Linux, and many other Linux distributions used in the GRUB uses software called a boot. Grub menu to change settings for power-Manager can use.

And use the command console

Pisi Linux console commands and applications for everyday use and is known to be used is not required . However, the following may be preferred in some cases or audible console applications; Many places can be done by clicking the graphic interface from a process that could possibly be made to run a single command Software to identify some of the errors that occur in Yet without graphical interface management interface functions and adjustments Some techniques to learn the information On the KDE desktop console for use Konsole can use. Some console commands and practices regarding Console Commands can examine the title.

Some of the programs used in Windows What are the Pisi Linux equivalents?

Many of the programs that we use in Linux, Windows kitty probably has one or more provisions. If we were to write the most obvious;

Explanation Windows Pisi Linux
System tools
File Manager
  • Windows Explorer

The program install / uninstall
  • Add or Remove Programs

System Management
  • Control Panel

Working knowledge of the task
  • Task Manager

İnternet applications
Navigation tools
  • Internet Explorer

E-mail client
  • Outlook Express

News reading tools
  • Outlook Express

Chat and communication tools
  • mIRC
  • MSN Messenger
  • Skype

Download managers
  • FlashGet

Office applications
Business packages
  • MS Office

PDF visualization
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

Document scanning
  • Abbyy Fine Reader

Multimedia applications
Video monitoring
  • Windows Media Player
  • GOM Player

Video editing
  • Windows Movie Maker

Audio applications
  • Winamp
  • Windows Media Player

CD / DVD burning
  • Nero

Graphic applications
Graphics editing
  • Paint
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • 3D Max
  • Maya